For companies

Dancing Heads are interactive entertainment which has stormed the whole USA since the day its concept appeared.

Let your potential customers star in their own music video which is broadcast live during their performance on a flat screen monitor.

This will win you the interest of a crowd of people from all sides. It is not only the DVD souvenir which everyone will want to take home but also a lot of fun at all your company events.

Dancing-heads have been used successfully in the USA at many private and corporate events. They are used to attract customers at many important fairs. It has been discovered that they keep attracting the visitors’ attention even during massive promotional campaigns lasting several months.

Our video templates can be adjusted completely to meet your requirements in order to bring you your own audience.

We can place your logo at the beginning of each video or present your company or product in the video itself. Besides that, your logo can be printed on each DVD and cover. There are 50-150 viewers on average watching Dancing-Heads at any given moment – depending on the number of participants at individual events.

Our system can produce 20 DVDs per hour with the participation of up to 60 direct performers per hour. Unlike various printed propagation materials, each DVD brought home from your event is viewed in 100% cases, 87% of your potential customers watch the video sitting at home at least 3 times and surveys have also proven distribution of the videos to at least 15 other people – relatives, friends or colleagues.

Dancing-Heads is an ideal tool for presenting your company or a new product. We know that exhibition organizing is usually very demanding and sometimes even boring. Therefore we are coming to you with an offer to bring some fun to every day of such an exhibition. We will help you increase the number of visitors at your display stand and add your company logo to every DVD produced.

It does not matter which product you use – everyone enjoys having fun and companies using Dancing-Heads can be sure that visitors will remember their display stand. For more information and individual counselling regarding organizing of your next event contact DIRAMI art agency.

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