Dancing Heads

What are 'Dancing Heads'?

Something you have surely neither seen nor tried yet! A brand new and original amusement offered and presented here for the very first time and only in one piece in a single licence for the Czech Republic! A high-tech device originating in Los Angeles, USA which is attractive for everyone who likes modern music and dance, everyone who likes to laugh! It is a wonderful game in which you will dance even if you are not a good dancer and sing even though you can't! How does it work?

It's quite simple - at least for you and for other viewers. Those of you who want to play and have fun sit with their faces towards the camera which scans their heads. These are then transmitted live into the video clip on the bodies of professional dancers. You have the possibility to watch the resulting video clip created as a combination of the basic clip and your heads live on the screen in front of you. There can be a maximum of three performers in one clip.

Even the others have fun, though - simply everyone who watches the resulting animation on the screen facing the audience. The whole device takes only a few square meters of space and we can assemble it within half an hour of our arrival. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

And that's not all! The participants can take the resulting video clip home on a DVD - as a reminder of a situation in which they became a world famous star, as a proof that they are only a little step from the perfect movements of Michael Jackson!

Can we select a song on which our heads will dance?

Yes, you can, but only from a hundred songs recorded on the video and adjusted for our game. These are a part of the device, they are copyrighted and have a permission for commercial use from the mother US company. However, the songs are current world hits which you will surely know.

For the informed - what is chroma key technology? This technology is the cornerstone of the 'Dancing Heads' amusing game. Both the software and hardware are licensed. This technology can also be used for other purposes in a film or computer graphics but only our device brings the true amusement. Have you decided to let yourself loose on a video in a world hit? I bet you have! It is an excellent thing for corporate parties, evening parties and get-togethers but also as an accompanying programme at exhibitions, fairs, music performances, presentations in shopping centres, large sports events and similar occasions - simply everywhere where many people get together. Call 602 364 207 and we will gladly come! However, if you have not decided to test the 'motor ability of your head' yet, have a look on the website: (photo gallery link), www.tancicihlavy.cz. You will surely not hesitate any longer then! If you hurry, you will be among the first people to boast with their own original DVD.

phone: 602 364 207
e-mail: info@dancingheads.cz